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We are so lucky here at Acorn because we have the opportunity to work with amazing people that come through the school each day. We are eclectic and share our different experiences; each… Continue reading

Looking Beyond the Obvious

Often times people will look at children during play and think “oh they are only playing.” For a child, play is not just play it is WORK! Through play, children are gaining hands-on… Continue reading

“Letting go of bad feelings.” J.T.

“A fundamental characteristic of music is its ability to arouse emotions” (Andrew H. Gregory, 1996). A few weeks ago, we had a discussion about feelings and using the Buddha boards to express what… Continue reading

Pre-philosophy and the art of listening

Join Suzanne Axelsson of Interaction Imagination on Saturday May 3 for an inspiring presentation and dialogue!  

Join the next #ReggioPLC International Twitter Chat – Sat. Feb. 15 4pm (EST)

The next International #ReggioPLC Twitter chat will be an opportunity to chat about the philosophical parallels between Loris Malaguzzi and David Hawkins. Below are some quotes to reflect on before the chat. Rose… Continue reading

Multiple Layers of Creative Expression in the Toddler Room

Multiple Layers of Creative Expression   When a child holds a pencil in their hand are they really thinking of what they are about to do? Does their mark on their page have… Continue reading

Competition in the Classroom

Competition in the Classroom, By Cathy Amaral  One particular morning, I decided to set up a provocation with blocks in hopes of inspiring the children to continue or extend a structure for their cars… Continue reading

Join Us for an Evening Workshop on Jan 29th!

Canadian Opening Exhibit: Cultivate the Scientist in Every Child

Please join us for the Canadian Opening Exhibit, Oct. 25 and 26th, Cultivate the Scientist in Every Child: The Philosophy of Frances and David Hawkins

An Introductory Course to Reggio Inspired Practice

Acorn is excited to announce a new week long intensive course in collaboration with Richland Academy as well as Diane Kashin and Louise Jupp. Participants will have the opportunity to learn with Reggio… Continue reading

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