Every Child has a Story

It was the first day of school and Mason chose to do what was comfortable to him, build with blocks. A task that is seemingly normal to some, but revisiting Mason through out the day showed me that there was deeper meaning in the structure he was working so hard to create. Mason’s structure was a house that had several compartments to it. Each compartment held something different such as mini acorns, unifix cubes and imaginary Ninjagos. I was curious to know why Mason placed straws at the top of his house. He explained they were there to keep the house warm.

Where did he get this idea from? After meeting with his mom at the end of the day, she explained that Mason’s uncle in Ottawa was building a floor heating system in their home that involved a series of pipes being installed.

Wow! What a connection. This experience reminded me of how important it is to have open relationships with parents and how important it is to revisit children’s work through out the process. Parents often hold the missing key to understanding children’s thinking. Every child has a story.